About the Comic...

25 years ago: Zero mysteriously leaves Maverick Hunter HQ in a sudden turn of events. Several months later, Mega Man X goes off in search for him. For the first time, the Maverick Hunters are left without their support.

23 years ago: With no return in sight, manufacturers soon get a growing interest in trying to "emulate" the abilities the big two had. Many projects come and go with little word said. Maverick Control is still being attained, but struggling to keep a tight grasp.

21 years Ago: One of the many projects, The Fulcrum Project, ends in an explosion which wrecks the main lab. Controversey occurrs, but soon sputters and dies when a cause of the event is not found. Morale continues to decrease.

19 years ago: Secretely, Maverick Hunters Main Headquarters start an emulation project of their own, using their own research from the now considered "Golden Days".

16 years ago: Two reploids are inducted into the Maverick Hunters forces, T2 and T3. Both are a result of MAVHQ's work and revisions on the original "T1 Project". Because of the constant revisions, the emulation was split into two different reploids, resulting in the two. While not perfect in their creation, they have done well enough for the general public to claim them as tried-and-true "successors".

... For the moment.

About the People...

"Hello everyone, my name is Tcat and I'm faking enthusiasm, how may I help you?"

"Tcat" Rutherford
Subject: Artist.
Born in 1982 in the fabled lands of Canada, the wild Tcat spent much of her early life doing a bunch of insignificant schooling. In 1996 her family migrated to the southeast corner of Tennessee in the USA, where she attended high school and then went to university at East Tennessee State. It was here she met the resident writer of RIPtheSYSTEM, John Hurst and after much discussion of world domination and the promise of cookies, RtS was officially "born" Feb 2005. (She went on to graduate with her bachelor of science in Digital Media/Animation in the summer of 2007).
After flopping around retail jobs for most of her university career (see Omake #6) she landed a job working as a Graphic Designer for a tourist magazine in her current hometown and keeps a part-time job doing graphic design/advertising work for several local theatres.
She spends her free time working on RtS (seriously), doodling in her DA Account, Roleplaying online, up keeping her gaming collection, Reading, Rollerblading, and just generally trying to enjoy life.
Her future plans for world domination include looking for her own apartment, finding a job relevant to her interests, traveling, and scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef.

John Hurst
Subject: Writer, Website Designer.

John Hurst is not very good at describing himself, for one. But he's a computer programmer by occupation, a writer by hobby and a gamer with an ever-increasing collection that he hasn't beat by addiction. When he isn't yelling at some stupid syntax error that he swore didn't exist five minutes ago, he's usually found writing either for the comic or one of his various side-projects. Many of these, including RtS, include world domination. Not enough of these involve petting and cuddling kittens, which he admits needs to be fixed in future versions.